Ben Sands: Take My Love With You

Ben Sands is a member of the well-known Sands Family band. For more than 3 decades they have been synonymous with writing and performing fine northern Irish folk songs. On Take My Love With You, Ben Sands takes the spotlight as a songwriter in his own right. The album contains 12 tracks, and all but one, ‘Ghost in the House’ (by Hugh Prestwood) are written by Ben.  

Ben, like most of the Sands family, gives a gentle unassuming performance that captures your attention and stimulates your imagination with the words of his songs. His song-writing style and gentle laid back delivery put me mind of Anthony John Clarke, so if you’re a fan of AJC you might enjoy this album. 

From songs looking for inner contentment to love songs, the play list touches on most emotions. To steal a quote from the cover, “Love is the ultimate inspiration, Take My Love With You,” which says it all. The play list is punctuated with some lighter songs such as ‘It’s Very Good to See You’. This adds some light and shade, and goes to make the album more entertaining. My favourite track is ‘Song On The Road’.  This is a song I can see a lot of singers picking up on. It’s simple, but very effective — but aren’t the best songs always that way?

I enjoyed this album and think it is well worth listening to. You can buy the album online here, direct from Ben and pay for it with Paypal.  The album is also available as a download from iTunes. If you prefer the actual CD (I do) it is very nicely presented in a cardboard cover with a booklet contain all the lyrics to the songs. 

(Own release at Spring Records 2010) 

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