Lojo Russo’s cocoa recipe

a hot drink for these cold winter nights. maybe with a splash of whisky as well.

Mrs. Ware, the cook ‘ere at the Estate, befitting the bleak midwinter weather has been asking visitors to her kitchen for their cocoa recipes.. First up is Lojo Russo, a well-known singer-songwriter, with her Lojo’s ChoCoffee drink:

Coffee: Jamaica Blue Mountain – rich & nutty, or dark roast Italian — if you like your coffee with an edge

Chocolate: 1 part heavy cream, 1/2 ;part dark chocolate syrup, 1/4 part sweetened condensed milk (depending on your sweet tooth), vanilla or almond flavoring (vanilla for Jamaica, almond for Italian) — Blend

Pour chocolate mixture slowly, gently, lovingly into coffee until it suits your tongue. If you’re like my Italian grandfather, who taught me how to enjoy coffee when I was 8, there will be more chocolate cream than coffee.

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