James Stoddard: A Writing Update

The Evenmere novels, The High House and The False House, are truly modern classics of fantasy literature and belong on the reading list of everyone interested in this genre. We recently asked James Stoddard who wrote them for an update for his writing activities. Here is his response.

I’m afraid not much to report on the third Evenmere novel.  I’m still looking for an agent.  And am doing a bit of rewriting on it, based on some comments I’ve received.  I have posted the first three chapters of the book on my website.    
On the positive side, I have a Christmas story coming out on December 28th in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction entitled Christmas at Hostage Canyon.  And a rather different sort of Evenmere story, The Ifs of Time, appearing in the March/April issue.  Enoch is the main character. 
My rewrite of William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land, a project I’ve been tinkering on for over ten years, is now available in a Kindle edition on Amazon.  My title is: The Night Land, A Story Retold.  I’m working with a fellow in England named Jason Mills, who is recording an audio version, which should be available in three to six months.  Sample chapters are available on my web-site.

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