A Nordic Music Primer

It is claimed that the Neverending Session has been performing continuously for over three centuries here at the Estate in anything from a trio of musicians to a mass fiddle orchestra. It is also claimed that means that they are always present here in the Pub. I cannot definitely say the former claim is true but I can tell you that the latter simply is not true as they can often be found elsewhere, say in the Kitchen as a trio playing music as they sit by the corner fireplace getting treats warm from the oven while enjoying a hot beverage, or in the Courtyard under the Hanging Oaks playing for the contradancers under a Summer full moon.

I know that there’s even been more than a few times when they’ve splintered into a number of groups playing all at once, particularly in the Winter when our Librarian let’s them play in the Robert Graves Memorial Reading Room while others hie off to the Tea Room to play tunes with Béla that were already ancient when The Kingdoms and Lands Represented in the Imperial Council and the Lands of the Holy Hungarian Crown of Saint Stephen were at their peak.

So if they are not, you ask, playing in the Pub, what’s the music? Well that’s up to the lead barkeeper and I have a strong liking for Nordic music. And that’s why I want to draw your attention to three CDs done over a decade ago by the good folks at Northside called, big surprise not, Nordic Roots.

If you’ve ever listened to any of the folk rock groups from England, say Fairport Convention, the Oysterband, or Steeleye Span, than you’ve encountered the reality of trad folk gone electric. The groups on these discs does the same thing to trad and not so trad compositions Of Nordic music with a high degree of success. Now I’ll turn you over to our reviewer who’ll tell you what she thought of these discs.

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