Charles de Lint and MaryAnn Harris make music!

From the announcement:

After many years of performing, and hundreds of requests for CDs, we are thrilled to announce Charles de Lint‘s album, Old Blue Truck. Recorded at Brock Zeman’s Mud Music Studio, the CD features ten original songs from alt-country to psychobilly to heartbreaking ballads. Every song evokes a distinct reaction: a sense of the familiar, a touch of nostalgia, compassion, or mystery. And always, a greater appreciation for life.

Thanks to Brock Zeman for getting us into the recording studio. If not for his persistence, this album would probably still be just the vague idea of something I might do someday. Thanks as well to the musicians who played on these songs, Steve for a great mixing job, Michael for the great cover art, and to all my readers who’ve been asking for this album over the years. This one’s for MaryAnn. We met through music and we’ll be playing together until they pry our instruments from our hands.

There’s actually two CDs, one for each of them with Crow Girls being the name of the CD by MaryAnn, and both are really quite good and you can hear a couple of tracks here.

We’ll have a review of both CDs up shortly.

Meanwhile I think a read of Moonheart might be in order!

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